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Cайт digital-агентства/продакшена Vintage


Ссылка на работу

Happy to introduce you the new Vintage website - with a pinch of glitch, interactive scroll, and piece of love in every detail. Step into the first screen, discover a logo - pulsating form of polygonal glass particles.

For those setting the trends. For those creating the rules. VR is the cherry on top. Like an electric car in your garage. You may only drive it once in moonlight, but you have to have it to be part of the trendsetters club. So go forth, to the thrilling VR portfolio built with Web VR (ReactVR and WebVR polyfill). Put that cardboard on and check out the VR version of the Vintage portfolio to see what we mean. Experience and enjoy!

Выставлено в номинациях:
   — Cайт digital-агентства/продакшена

Средний балл оценок жюри — 7.75
Егоров Артемий 10
Фатыхов Дмитрий 8
Мartynenko Аlexandr 7
Гребенников Сергей 6
Завертайлов Владимир 9
Васильев Дмитрий 7
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