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Cайт digital-агентства/продакшена Radioaktive Film

Radioaktive Film

Ссылка на работу

Insight and Idea: Radioactive Films is a big-name production service company, one of the world’s best. How to impress those who themselves impress? We realized that most production companies’ sites are ugly galleries of YouTube videos. It didn’t suit us. Our idea was creating a web cinema. It allowed us to stuff a terabyte of full-screen, high-quality videos and achieve a seamless user experience.

Strategy and TA: Target audience: advertising agencies, directors, production companies. The old website did not correspond the level of the company - it presented it like a team of amateurs producing cheap promo clips. Our task was to create a new one which would secure the status of Radioactive Film of an international production and bring new clients.

Execution: We added a bit of glitch effect, made a gallery so a user can go to backstage shots right from a playing video, designed a page with the picturesque locations where the shootings take place, developed a search by productions and directors. We paid attention to each pixel to make a website worthy of the world-class film production.

Awards: Awwwards - SOTD,
CssDesignAwards - SOTD,
http://creativefrontend.io/ - SOTD.
The project was noted by numerous world’s media and listed by top galleries as a source of inspiration. Just a few weeks after the launch, its daily audience reaches 10,000 users and the company already reaps the first fruits in the form of new clients.

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   — Cайт digital-агентства/продакшена

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Средний балл оценок жюри — 7.57
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Хасавов Назир 7
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Болотов Максим 9
Оселедько Сергей 8
Васильев Дмитрий 4
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